i'm already torn
"I don't remember,
lighting this cigarette
And I don't remember,
if I'm here alone
or waiting for someone."
- Leonard Cohen

Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ 12:52 AM
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Ideal type : Yong Junhyung

OMIGOD. Junhyung. He's been my ideal type since his Change & I'll back off so you can live phase. I really think he's not only physically attractive, but his personality too. He's got this whole multi-personality thing going on there. One minute he's quiet and reserved, next he's so playful and acting like a jokester. I really like his personality, and wish to meet someone like him > :( But you can't find the duplicate of Junhyung (sadly)

Off to bed now. Just felt like fangirl spazzing over Junhyung. BTW, I apologize to sandy for forgetting to go on POPTAG! ! =( I totally, honestly forgot!

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