i'm already torn
"I don't remember,
lighting this cigarette
And I don't remember,
if I'm here alone
or waiting for someone."
- Leonard Cohen

I wanna go home
Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 1:15 AM
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I wanna go home.

- I got a very noticeable scar across my right cheek. I asked one of my cousins for candy, and it pissed off my other cousin so he decides to head lock me and choke me to death, then scratch and hit my face.

- I'm considered overweight in Vietnam. Girls call me fat and my entire family calls me fat, and tells me I need to diet.

- This whole trip was all for religious matters. For a whole week I went to 4 different temples a day for 7 days in a row. Do you know how boring that is? 12 hours of just praying and going to temples.

- My family and cousins call me lazy and criticize me. Everything I say to my mom (like me saying I wanted to go home), she tells my family including my Vietnam one and they all look down on me.

- For 2 weeks, I only went out for 3 days.

Please get me out of here.

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