i'm already torn
"I don't remember,
lighting this cigarette
And I don't remember,
if I'm here alone
or waiting for someone."
- Leonard Cohen

When I'm About to Break - Vistee ft. Phantom
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 11:41 PM
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I haven't updated this blog since my trip to Vietnam last year. Well, I've decided to keep it active. Although I have tumblr, it's not really something I can use to post about my life. I only have 7 followers on here, and most of them I don't think are active anymore but whatever HAHA.

My grades currently:
93% Biology
89% English
86% Psychology
84% Chemistry
79% Math
69% Physics <- ohmigod.
AVG = 83%

My grades this year are terrible. Sometimes being in a linear school system sucks. Although I do have an extra day to work on my homework; I wouldn't have to visit the same boring class every single day. Sometimes it's overwhelming with the amount of tests I get in the same week. :<

OH WELL. I'll push it to grade 12, when I return to north surrey (to others dismay, yes I may return.) I do not want to concentrate so hard on friends and all that stuff. That was so grade 10. Ever since I've gone to sands, i've began to realize the true nature of the people I used to be surrounded by. It's like that saying, "Once you see the flaws in your friends, you'll realize you have the exact same flaws." Ever since I don't see my regular friends since grade 8/9on a regular basis, you start to see some of them for what they really are. It's actually shocking to know I used to be like that too. Naive. Backstabbing. Manipulative. Childish. All the flaws I can see in everyone. The flaws I USED (or may still) to have. I'll still remain friends with these certain individuals. I still consider all of them my friends. I can never dislike or hate any of them. However, in the back of my head I know it'll never be the same again. No more of those daily text messages, long night conversations, sleepovers, etc.

I don't think I've gotten "wiser" or mature in any way. It's more like, when you step outside of the room, you start to see the chaos inside.

It is certainly a pity though.

Comment if you have anything to say or ask :)

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